27th April 2022

Taken from "Allotment Wars' BBC1

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Jamie has an impressive record in music composition working closely with the all the major networks most often with the BBC.  Scoring beautiful music for Martin Clunes 'Man to Manta' (ITV), 'Indian Oceans' for the BBC  & celebrating Queen Elizabeth becoming our longest reigning monarch for BBC1. Jamie has prided himself on recording original scores that combine traditonal and modern music to produce his signature sound.  Highlights Incude:

Man To Manta with Martin Clunes ITV1 (1x 1hour)

Bullets, Boots & Bandages- BBC4 (3 x 1hour)

Indian Oceans with Simon Reeve- BBC2 (6 x 1hour)

Allotment Wars- BBC1 (1 x 1hr)

Man & Beast with Martin Clunes- ITV (3 x 1hour)

The Queen's Longest Reign: Elizabeth & Victoria- BBC1 (1 x 1hour)

Hugo Boss Runway Campaign

Prince: Genius, Icon, Slave- Channel 5 (1x1hr)

Mission Mudder - Sky sports (6 x 1hr)


Latest News

Jamie has just finished work on a very exciting project with Wilson WorldWide.. more to follow